store Method (p_item, p_depth)
NamespacesSorm.InterfacesSessionstore(Object, Int32)

[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

Makes an instance persistent. The process decides wether this instance has been read from the persistence layer before and updates the persistent representation or inserts it as a fresh object otherwise. Only fields which are not marked with the NonPersistent attribute are considered, properties are ignored. The serialization process follows object references to a given depth.
Declaration Syntax
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void store(
	Object p_item,
	int p_depth
Sub store ( _
	p_item As Object, _
	p_depth As Integer _
void store(
	Object^ p_item, 
	int p_depth
p_item (Object)
Object to store
p_depth (Int32)
Value describing how far the object tree will be followed

Assembly: sorm.interfaces (Module: sorm.interfaces) Version: