read_instance Method (p_context, p_data, p_index, p_id, p_depth, p_item)
NamespacesSorm.InterfacesNodeSchemaread_instance(SerializeContext, ObjectModel, Int32, Guid, Int32, Object)

[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

Creates an object from the given informations.
Declaration Syntax
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Object read_instance(
	SerializeContext p_context,
	ObjectModel p_data,
	int p_index,
	Guid p_id,
	int p_depth,
	Object p_item
Function read_instance ( _
	p_context As SerializeContext, _
	p_data As ObjectModel, _
	p_index As Integer, _
	p_id As Guid, _
	p_depth As Integer, _
	p_item As Object _
) As Object
Object^ read_instance(
	SerializeContext^ p_context, 
	ObjectModel^ p_data, 
	int p_index, 
	Guid p_id, 
	int p_depth, 
	Object^ p_item
p_context (SerializeContext)
Context of the current deserialization process
p_data (ObjectModel)
Data to fetch instance raw data from
p_index (Int32)
Index of row within p_data
p_id (Guid)
ID of row within p_data
p_depth (Int32)
Activation depth
p_item (Object)
Instance in its current state
Return Value
Created or updated instance

Assembly: sorm.interfaces (Module: sorm.interfaces) Version: