select Method (p_schema, p_constraint, p_order)
NamespacesSorm.InterfacesProviderselect(TypeSchema, Constraint, Order)

[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

Selects data for multiple instances of a given schema.
Declaration Syntax
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ObjectModel select(
	TypeSchema p_schema,
	Constraint p_constraint,
	Order p_order
Function select ( _
	p_schema As TypeSchema, _
	p_constraint As Constraint, _
	p_order As Order _
) As ObjectModel
ObjectModel^ select(
	TypeSchema^ p_schema, 
	Constraint^ p_constraint, 
	Order^ p_order
p_schema (TypeSchema)
Schema which describes the type
p_constraint (Constraint)
Predicates to limit the result set, may be null
p_order (Order)
Sorting rules, may be null
Return Value
An instance implementing ObjectModel

Assembly: sorm.interfaces (Module: sorm.interfaces) Version: