select_into Method (p_schema, p_model, p_id, p_relation, p_links)
NamespacesSorm.InterfacesProviderselect_into(TypeSchema, ObjectModel, Guid, String, array<String>[]()[])

[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

This method is designed to fetch data for 1-n and m-n relations from the storage. All entries owned by p_id are fetched.
Declaration Syntax
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void select_into(
	TypeSchema p_schema,
	ObjectModel p_model,
	Guid p_id,
	string p_relation,
	params string[] p_links
Sub select_into ( _
	p_schema As TypeSchema, _
	p_model As ObjectModel, _
	p_id As Guid, _
	p_relation As String, _
	ParamArray p_links As String() _
void select_into(
	TypeSchema^ p_schema, 
	ObjectModel^ p_model, 
	Guid p_id, 
	String^ p_relation, 
	... array<String^>^ p_links
p_schema (TypeSchema)
Schema which describes the type
p_model (ObjectModel)
Model to equip with additional data
p_id (Guid)
Unique identifier of a master instance
p_relation (String)
Name of relation to fetch link data from
p_links (array< String >[]()[])
Name of link attributes pointing to data for referenced items

Assembly: sorm.interfaces (Module: sorm.interfaces) Version: